Monday, February 18, 2008

This one's for you, Emma!

This post is mostly for my sister, Emma but everyone else feel free to read on as well.
Emma, for the letter J today we made these and we talked about how much you would love them. Gabe wants to assure you, however that they are just pretend, and will not sting. (For info on why Emma loves jelly fish so much, go here).


Anne said...

Great job on your jellyfish - Gabe and Mya!!!! I'm glad that yours don't sting!!!
Love, Grandmama

E.H. said...

What beautiful jellyfish Gabriel and Mya!! Gabe, I'm glad they don't sting! They are MUCH pretier that way!
Thanks for the post in my honor! ;)
Love Ya'll!
Auntie Em