Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beach Fun

We've just returned from a wonderful vacation with my family on Oak Island Beach in North Carolina. With just one real excitment - Emma getting a severe sting from a not nice jelly fish, we had a calm, uneventful vacation. Below are a few pictures to prove it. Mya liked the sand and water a lot more than I thought she would. Of course everything went right in her mouth, but a little sand never hurt anyone :)
Gabriel had a great time in the sand after we finally convinced him that the water was not going to wash his toys away. He was a lot more afraid of everything than he was last year.
Mya would just laugh and hollar in the water, but Gabriel only got in one time. Everytime one of us got in the water, he would say, "Don't get stung by a jellyfish!"
We were so glad that RuthAnne got to join us at the beach this year. Here are all the cousins taking a ride in the rocking chair.

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