Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Fun

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day - we did. The fact that all my kids are in bed asleep at 7 o'clock and Nae has gone out to get our dinner makes it even better. Here are a few pictures from our day. I think Alena looks so grown up in this picture - she'll be nine months on Saturday.
Instead of getting the kids candy that I would have to give out a little at a time over the next weeks, I opted to take them out for donuts and thus get all their sugar loaded up at one time. They thought it was a great idea!

Alena didn't get to enjoy any donuts, but she did devour her first teething cookie this afternoon. What you can't tell from these pictures is the huge mess she had all over her face after this little snack. I think it was worse than cleaning up the donut sprinkles from this morning.

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E.H. said...

Glad ya'll had a good Valentine's Day! It's too bad that I am not closer so I can paint the neice toenails! Perhaps it could be arranged at the beach!
Love Ya'll!

Auntie Em