Sunday, July 06, 2014

July 4th

We started our July 4th off with a little running fun.
(There was a Bison mascot there greeting the children, and Laney was sure it was The Gruffalo. She was terrified of it, and I think that's what she's looking for in this picture.)
 The 1 milers (before running):
The 5 K'ers (after running):
and, yes, he beat me!
There were fun friend to run with too:
I had decided before hand that we'd count it a success if everyone finished with no tears, but they all did great. Even Laney ran her entire mile race!
I have run this race before, but it was even more fun this year with family and friends. Hopefully we can make it a 4th of July tradition.
The whole crew:

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