Thursday, June 05, 2014

Jamestown and Yorktown

Day 2 we spent at Jamestown and Yorktown. Both of these were more hands on for the younger kiddos which made it an easier and more relaxed day. However, Alena woke up running a fever and with a sore throat. Thanks to Advil she was able to make it through the day.
Jamestown had a Powhatan Indian village full of Indian dwellings (can't remember what they were called) with skins and hides of many different animals. There was corn to mash as Laney is here, a lady making clay pots and many other things to explore. 
There was also replicas of the three ships that brought the settlers to Jamestown. Once we went on those ships and saw exactly how small and cramped they were it really put into perspective what they risked to come to a new country.


The last thing at Jamestown was a replica of the settlement. Gabe and Nae tried on some of the armour, and we got a good feel for what the houses would have been like. 
From there we headed to Yorktown to tour the visitor center, and for some reason this is our only picture from that. I guess we were too tired to tote the camera around any more, but this was also really neat. There was a working farm from the early 1800's (think Little House on the Prarie) which made it really fun for Mya and Alena and there was a tent camp where the soldiers might have stayed during the Revolutionary War. Gabe loved listening to the army doctor discuss all the different tools and medicines they used to treat soldiers. Things have come along way since then, thankfully!
Our next plan was to head to the other side of VA and stay the weekend with my parents, but with two sick kids and not knowing who might be next, we opted to just stay Friday night and came back home on Saturday just in time for Mya to start running a fever. 
Even with all the flying germs, and 24+ hours driving time, this was a fun trip and a highly recommended way for history to come alive. 

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