Sunday, July 13, 2014

Growing up

This has been the summer that Eden has transitioned from being one of the little kids to being able to keep up with the big kids. We've seen this in several settings. Suddenly she can ride her bike for several miles to the park or library and there have been no more melt downs half way there of "I can't!" or "I'm too tired!" And, we've done a couple hikes where again she's hung right in there and finished with no problem. Perhaps the biggest change has been with swimming, though. She did two weeks of swim lessons at the beginning of the summer and went from afraid to put her head under water to swimming free style and back stroke the length of the pool. Once she had the hang of it, I couldn't believe how quickly she made progress!

A lot of her quick learning was due to her fantastic instructor who's also a friend/neighbor. Eden felt so big and important getting to do something all by herself with Brooke.
At the end of two weeks, she got to choose her reward and it was, of course, frozen yogurt with many sugary treats piled on top. Well deserved! Way to go Eden!!

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