Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Summer Summary

As always, summer is flying by around here, and it's been a great one. Lots (and lots and lots!) of pool/swimming time and friends and sleepovers and fun outside activities. Here's a brief recap
(1) Alena Bena being her cute self - missing teeth and all
(2) Laney loves to be in costume lately and it's always a mix of attire but it usually involves some type of "wand" (flower in this pic) and singing "Let it Go" Also, she calls gloves "flubs" even though she knows the right way to say it.
(3) Snack time at the pool
(4) More of #3
(5) Waiting on friends at the zoo. No idea what Eden's face is all about
(6) Cooling off at a super hot swim meet
(7) Goofing off waiting for the music to start at a concert in the park
(8) Mya. She's looking so much older than she did last summer when she was missing all her teeth
(9) Swim meet ready, and I think it's funny how much they look alike when you take away the hair.

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Julie said...

I think this may be the only household in the country that hasn't heard "Let It Go", but everything is awesome!!!