Monday, June 02, 2014


As we finished up studying Early American History this year, I wanted to attempt to squeeze in a trip to Williamsburg, VA to wrap things up. We decided to just go for it and spent a couple days there the week before Memorial Day. Things didn't start out to well, however, when I had Laney at the dr the day before we were to leave with what I thought was strep, but ended up being a viral throat infection. We still drug her along with us and she did ok despite being sick the entire time. Everyone else had fun, however so we were glad that we went. 

Watching the militia march and fire their weapons at the end of the day was a highlight for everyone. 
Starting the day off. The purple bands several of the kids are wearing were for the RevQuest spy game that we played throughout the day. It involved figuring out secret codes and txting your answers to find out where the next meet up was. It made the day even more fun especially for Gabe..
In the stocks - maybe we could get away with this at home??
Gabe got to model a wig in the wig makers shop. It matched his hair perfectly. All the apprentices in the different shops were extremely knowledgeable about their trade and very patient with questions 
I'm sure that the stocks held little girls in big flower hair bows.



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