Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last day of school

For the first time, we ended both school at home and at our tutorial on the same day. Yay! The day itself was quite chilly with temps in the 40s that morning but the kids still humoured their mother and posed for pictures. Well, most of them did - Laney was having none of it and I didn't force the issue. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, they also had make-up field day which is why they have on the t-shirts. Each class has to wear a specific color.

Gabriel, finishing 4th grade really took responsibility for all of his work this year. From getting up early and getting started on math without being told to, to making sure his assignments were ready to be turned in. He really needed little help from me.
Mya, finishing up 2nd grade and ready to transition to the upper elementary rotation next year where she'll change classes and have a heavier work load both at the tutorial and at home. She had a great last "fun" year and really took off with writing paragraphs and stories this year.
Alean, finishing up Kindergarten and how much fun she had. From watching caterpillars turn into butterflies to painting pillow cases and being star of the day. Kindergarten is the best! She's a great reader and loves to make up stories to tell her sisters. I can't believe how much she's grown up this year.
Eden, 4 1/2 and getting so big. She's thoroughly enjoyed being the big kid two days a week and has learned to write all her letters and numbers. She's really close to starting to read. With an August birthday, she'll be home one more year before starting Kindergarten and I look forward to sharing those days with her.
Pictures from the first day of school here.

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