Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hikes and Hair

And this picture has nothing to do with hiking or hair but ever sense Laney has started sleeping in a regular bed she will periodically get up and just sleep on the couch where we will find her in the morning. We can't really figure out why she does it, but at least she doesn't wake us up!
Alena pulled another tooth just before the other front one comes in all the way. I love the toothless look!
On Sunday we decided to attempt an (easy!) hike with the kids and it was actually fun. Hopefully we can attempt some more hiking in the near future.


Finally, these two were able to get a haircut today, and it was much needed. Here's the before:
and the after: 
Mya donated hers again this time to CWHL It had been two years since she last had it cut and donated it to Locks of Love.

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Julie said...

New couch, too? We often wake up to two kids in our bed - not quite as cozy as it sounds!