Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter (part 1)

So many pictures to post from Easter. I'm going to do it in two posts so your eyes have a chance to rest.
Saturday afternoon we had an egg hunt put on by Uncle Ira and Auntie Noi (who of course I have no pictures of.) There were so many eggs 250+ that we had more friends join us and still everyone had plenty of eggs.
I can remember having matching clothes with friends and thinking that was the best thing ever. So Mya and Ava Wren thought this was pretty fun too.
Laney wasn't too hip on the finding the eggs idea (mostly because she screams at the sight of any type of bug which doesn't work very well in the spring in TN), but Nae was happy to help her out.
However, once she figured out what was inside those eggs, she was all smiles and wanted to find more!
Eden sorted and organized all her candy! If only this trait would carry over into other things like her bedroom for instance.
And, a preview of what pictures on Easter Sunday were like. Laney is in a not wanting her picture taken phase - obviously!!


Christine Buckingham said...

Hey Clara, wow how fast they grow, I so miss you guys in the court. Could you email me at Want to ask you guys something.
Thanks, Christine Buckingham

kristincrook said...

Anna Claire organizes her candy just like Eden. This trait does not carry over to other areas at our house either. Boo!