Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Playing Catch-up (again!)

As the end of our school year is in sight, we've had lots of school related projects lately with a few more still to come.
Gabe did a speech on Nathan Hale for the Living History Museum that the 3rd -6th graders participated in. 
Eden loves to "do school" as well. She can't wait for her turn to go to our two day a week tutorial.   
Mya did a report on Mercy Otis Warren. Thankfully her dress-up only had to be "drawn-up."
And this was a huge project. Gabe had to complete an ocean box which included 19 different animals. He and Auntie Noi spent a lot of time getting this finished and thanks to Noi who can do some pretty impressive things with clay, it turned out great.  Gabe learned a lot about the sea animals and how to work with clay. Now he's planning to incorporate his clay skills with his love of making Lego movies.
And lastly some of my favorite phone pics from the last few weeks. 
(1) Eden on our first spring outing to the park
(2) Getting sandals for Mya at REI and Laney found these on the clearance rack. They looked hillarious!
(3) We see hot air balloons a good bit this time of year but a couple Sunday's ago I happened to pass the field where they were taking off. It was awesome and I hated that the kids weren't with me. There are 4 balloons in this pic.
(4) Kids night at our favorite burrito place where our favorite balloon man works and with some of our favorite people!
(5) These three wanted to sleep together one night (it lasted about an hour!)
(6) Proof that I spent spring break in TX visiting Emma and family
(7) See #3 above
(8) Don't ask...
(9) Completing another season with our homeschool swim team. Mya and Alena got to swim a relay together.

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