Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Top Ten

For those of you keeping up with the latest baby news in the Soundara house, I went to the doctor today and guess what...another week of bed rest! It's not exactly the news I wanted to hear but I certainly understand that it's what's best for the baby. That and the fact that my doctor is out of town all next week didn't give us much of a choice. I've actually maintained fairly well since being on bed rest and the Procardia and I've not dilated any from my original hospital visit. My doctor is still concerned about the baby arriving very quickly once my water breaks, however so he wants to make sure I'm in the hospital when that occurs. He is planning to induce me the following week (the first week of August) which happens to also be the week of my sister, Chrisa's birthday and also our anniversary. In an effort to remain positive and not focus on the facts of a long week looming ahead here is a top ten list for the best things about being on bed rest.

10. Since I have to sit with my feet propped up for most of the day, they aren't swollen at all. I'm sure they would be huge by this point if I was up walking around.

9. I haven't had to cook in 3 weeks. Good thing that we have lots of fantastic friends and family who've been so awesome in helping out and Nae can cook too.

8. If I ever feel guilty about not reading to the kids everyday then I can remember back to July when I read at least 200 books to them every single day.

7. The most strenuous thing I have to do everyday is take a shower and get dressed.

6. I get to be the "director" as Gabriel calls it. Meaning I sit on the couch and direct the kids by telling them what to pick up until the room is clean.

5. When people call to check on us, I don't have to feel guilty about talking on the phone because after all I have nothing else to do.

4. I can work all of our wooden puzzles (as well as those a friend let us borrow) with my eyes closed because Alena brings them to me all day and wants to work the same one at least 10 times before moving on to another one.

3. I can read all of the blogs I follow every day without taking any slack from Nae because again I have nothing else to do.

2. I've been able to do lots of little tasks that I never would have taken the time to do other wise like roll all the money in our change jar and clip lots of coupons that had piled up.

1. I get to sit all day and anticipate the arrival of this little one all the while feeling every kick and movement that I probably wouldn't feel if I was up and busy all day.

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Julie said...

It's good to see you are "making lemonade" out of your situation.