Friday, July 17, 2009

From seed to flower

This is a picture of Gabe's first sunflower that bloomed just this week (and the picture he took himself because you know I'm on bed rest and can't walk out into the backyard to do it). Back in the spring we were going to Target one day and he asked if he could bring along four quarters to spend. I replied sure knowing they usually have a good dollar section and I couldn't believe it when he chose to spend his money on a little pack of seeds. He and Nae planted the seeds in a pot and they came up quickly but then began to turn yellow I assumed because there were too many in the pot. Nae transplanted them out by the fence and I really thought there was no way they would survive. Alas, I was wrong and Gabe was rewarded with his first flower and several more are getting ready to open. He told me tonight, "When I get three or four more flowers then I 'm going to cut them and put them by your bed so you can see them." Wasn't that sweet. I told him that by the time there are three or four more flowers I will hopefully be up walking around and I can come out and see the flowers myself.

Update on the baby - I went to the doctor yesterday and although I was hoping I'd be allowed up it was not to be. He wanted one more week of bed rest so that's what we're going to attempt. I know it's really best for the baby and that is the most important thing after all. Thanks to lots of help and kindness from friends and family this past week at home has gone better than expected. The kids have done well and I think even gotten used to Mommy sitting all the time. In fact, after my appointment yesterday Mya asked me, "Mommy, can you walk now." It's amazing what they just accept and adjust too. So, we're praying for one more week of patience for all of us and following that a healthy baby. We are so thankful and greatful that God has already allowed this little one to stay put for almost another two weeks since the initial contractions started.

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