Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's H - O - T

Last year when we went to Dallas, the first thing that Gabe said when he stepped out of the car was, "It is H -O -T here!" He still calls Dallas the "Hot place." It has suddenly gotten pretty hot here this week too. Actually it's not the heat but the humidity that's a killer. When you step outside the air is so heavy it's hard to even breathe. For that reason all the outdoor play time unless it's early morning or late evening has involved some type of water. Today after they tired of playing in the plastic pool I pulled out an oldie but goodie - painting with water. This kept the kiddos happily occupied for a while trying to paint the whole porch before it dried.
Alena reminded me of Tom Sawyer white washing the fence.

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Julie said...

I'm almost dreading our water bill this month; but on the other hand, it's totally worth having the kids happily playing outdoors.