Friday, January 16, 2009

My excuse...

So, here's my excuse for not posting much lately; I think it's a pretty good one: (trust me there is a baby in there - it's really tiny and hard to see)

Yep, #4 is set to arrive sometime in late August, and we're all excited. Although, I'll be even more excited when this feeling sick all the time passes (hopefully quickly.) Please pray along with us for a healthy pregnancy

Here is a pic of the soon-to-be newest big sister and what she thinks about all of this.
She really has no idea how much her little life is about to change, but I have no doubt she'll adapt (eventually.)
I really took these pictures today when I caught Miss "Alena Bena Baby" having pushed the kitchen chair over to the counter to eat her fill of grapes.
Like most of the rest of the country it has been extremely cold here and thus we've had some really long days spent inside. With Mommy pretty much out of commission for coming up with good ideas, the kiddos just come up with their own plans. They played like this for most of the morning and Alena really liked it even though you can't tell it in this picture. There was only room for two to "ride" at a time and I think she though Gabe was trying to get her off. The funniest thing, though was watching Alena push Gabe and Mya around.


amanda and greg said...

Congratulations!!! Hope you start feeling better soon! :)

Megan said...

Congratulations, Clara!!!!


Curryba said...

CONGRATULATIONS you guys on your growing family!! I remember when Brian and I made Nae a chocolate cake around his birthday and you guys were newly pregnant with Gabe! Not so long ago, and now there are SIX of you!!!

So I subscribed to your blog and I saw this post as soon as you posted it but I didn't want to be the first commenter :)

Brian says: WOW! That's GREAT!!