Thursday, January 08, 2009

A little Asian flair

Several years ago I got Gabe a pair of chopsticks that were connected at the top and he's really enjoyed learning to use them. Only problem - we only had 1 pair and 3 children. So, before Christmas my bargain-shopper friend Julie called and said she'd found two more pairs while out shopping. I asked her to get them and we put them in the girl's stockings. Tonight Nae made lo mein which was the perfect excuse to bring out the chopsticks (even though they wanted to bring them to the Spaghetti Factory the other night; I vetoed that plan). Mya and Gabe did pretty well with theirs and they enjoyed eating "like Daddy!" It's a skill I hope they learn now, because I have not learned how and still must ask for a fork when we visit Nae's family.

Alena loved the chopsticks before we started eating but for some reason decided she didn't like the lo mein so she had yogurt and string cheese instead both of which are kind of difficult to eat with chopsticks.
In case you were wondering, yes, Gabe and Mya have their pajamas on while eating supper. They played outside for a long time this afternoon and were cold and dirty when they came in so I went ahead and plopped them into the tub before supper.

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