Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally, some new pics

Sorry to have such a lapse in posting. We've been keeping it pretty low key around here and I just haven't gotten the camera out much. Hopefully in a couple weeks things will settle back in to "normal."

I did get this little escapade on film and I do believe we are in trouble. For months, Alena has been going up one or two steps on the bunk bed but today, she made it all the way up. I was in the kitchen and hear Gabe and Mya cheering Alena on and then, "Mommy, come look you won't believe it!" There the little monkey is jumping around on the top bunk oh, so proud of herself. After that, every time she went in Gabe's room it was straight up the ladder. It's kind of tough because I can't really teach her to come down. As you can see it's not a slanted ladder but goes straight up the side of the bed. It's pretty tricky to swing your leg over the top and come down where as with a regular ladder you could just back down. Honestly, Gabe doesn't use the ladder to come down but instead jumps, which we really don't want Alena doing. Mya won't even go up on the top bunk because she's too afraid to come down. Anyway, I think we're going to have to use a little discipline to get this to stop and she is not one to give in easily.

You can see in the above picture she was demonstrating her new skill for Daddy, but he was ready to catch her if needed.

The only other pictures I have to share are from our first bowling trip on MLK day. For some reason, the kids thought we had told them we would go bowling. Mya got up and said, "What day is it?" When I said, "Monday" she said, "Oh, good, this is the day we go bowling!" Not sure where that came from, but we ended up taking them anyway and it turned into a cheap family activity for a cold afternoon. Unfortunately, the pictures weren't great. Here's Mya using the "helper" thing (no idea what it's really called) she tried rolling a few on her own, but the ball was going so slow we were going to be there all day. It worked much better with this little contraption. And, please, no comments about her clothes. It's a battle I choose not to fight on most days...
Gabe actually did pretty well for his first time - 79 though he became very concerned about who was and was not winning so we kind of stopped talking about the score.
Alena rolled a couple balls down but mostly enjoyed spinning in the chair and eating her snack. She just wasn't quite big enough to really get into it.

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