Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dinner out

After hearing that the Old Spaghetti Factory was running a special tonight we decided to try it out. They were celebrating their 40th year of being open and selling select items for the same prices as 40 years ago. So, our total, you can see above $14.04 not bad considering the same food would have been over 40 dollars on another night, and it even included ice cream for everyone. The restaurant is right down town and is a really neat place to eat, they have a train car inside which of course the kids wanted to eat in the next time we visit. To top it all off, we got a free parking spot downtown right on the street - what are the chances.

We don't think these are true 1969 prices, however. Somehow 14 dollars sounds like a lot for a family to pay 40 years ago. We sure enjoyed it, though. It was a lot better than what $14 would have bought us at McDonald's.

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