Monday, June 09, 2008

Fun on a hot day

I love to read other people's ideas of fun things to do with kids whether it be crafts, outside projects, or cooking ideas I always try to file these things away to do one day. About 90% of these ideas come from the internet - I just bookmark the page and then when I need a good idea I consult the "summer fun" folder and there is a whole list of ideas. With that in mind, I thought I would share two things my kids like to do outside on a hot summer day just in case someone else needs some ideas.

First let me say that Mya does have a swimsuit on underneath this shirt. I've tried lately sending them out in old swimsuits since it has been so hot they almost always are playing with water in one form or another and it just makes clean-up easier if I can strip them down outside and put their clean clothes on when they come in the door. I try to do white tee-shirts on top because (1) they can be bleached which is often needed (2) they're cooler in the sun. Tee -shirts on top makes it easier not having to worry about sunburns. The first thing they love to play with outside is this little squirt bottle. They spray it on everything, and it doesn't run out as quickly as a water gun; it's also easier to fill up. I fill a sand bucket up with water for them to add more water.
The second thing that keeps them occupied for a while is a simple paintbrush and water. They'll paint the deck, side of the house, picnic table and anything else in sight. The sun takes care of the drying and they can simply start over.

They played outside this morning for almost three hours while Alena was napping no less which means that I actually got some stuff done - yeah!
In case anyone gets the wrong impression, let me say that they don't always play outside for such a long time. Very often, playtime ends in tears and lots of arguing. Just last week when they were outside, more time was being spent whining about the heat and arguing than playing so I brought them in to do a little baseboard scrubbing with a vinegar/water solution and toothbrushes - they decided playing outside was the better option.

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Julie Hamill said...

I'm impressed - you've managed to get your kids outside AND baseboards scrubbed?! You can come here anytime.