Friday, June 06, 2008

Laughed 'till I cried

Kids are funny. Mine do silly things everyday that make us laugh, but this was exceptionally funny and definitely something I want to remember to tell a future spouse.

A little background...Mya had an appointment at the eye doctor yesterday. She'd been complaining for some time that her eyes hurt so I took her in to be sure it was nothing serious. Thankfully, they said everything looked good but during the visit she did have to have her eyes dilated. When we left, they gave her a pair of paper sunglasses to wear which of course she didn't want to. Gabe quickly claimed the sunglasses for his own and I never thought about them again.

So, imagine my surprise when I went in to check on him last night before I went to bed and saw this:
The pictures don't do the scene justice because I had to have the flash on so it looks like it's daytime, but let me assure you that his room was very dark and here he lay sound asleep with these sunglasses on holding all his treasured stuffed animals. I, of course, had to go get Nae and we both stood by his bed just laughing until tears ran down our faces.
What in the world makes someone think right before they're going to sleep, "Oh, I think I'll put my sunglasses on." He told me this morning that he put them on, "So no one could see if I was asleep or not." I guess that makes sense. It at least provided us with a good laugh.

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