Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alena walking

Since I posted yesterday about how much I was able to get done while my children were sleeping and happily occupied outside, let me tell you what I've done so far this morning (it's 9:30 right now). First, I get Alena out of bed only to feel something wet all over her feet. Great! her diaper had fallen off (since she had on a one piece outfit I really do think it fell off even though I wouldn't put it past her to take it off herself) and she was walking in a dirty mess. She had a large amount of baked sweet potato last night for supper so I'll let you just imagine what that was like. It was everywhere including all over the bumper pad which had to be taken apart and washed. After that is cleaned up, I am feeding Alena her breakfast and somehow get distracted (I know that's hard to imagine around here) and dump the entire container of applesauce I was feeding her all over me, the floor, highchair, etc. I clean up that mess and not even 20 minutes later, Gabriel knocks off his container of Mandarin oranges. The oranges along with all that wet sticky juice manage to get the rest of the floor disgustingly dirty. I can only hope the day improves from this point on as I already done a load of poopy laundry and now I have a load of wet rags to do.

Here is the promised video of Alena taking a few steps. It's not that great because after she gets choked on some water, she decides to walk to Nae instead of to me so all you can really see is her back. It's enough to get the point, though.

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