Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cold treats

My kids have been really wanting popsicles lately. I think it's because there are several ice cream trucks that come through our neighborhood many times a day and hearing the ice cream truck music reminds them of what else - ice cream and popsicles. So, instead of paying for one popsicle what we could buy a whole box for, I pulled some out of the freezer that I believe we'd gotten earlier this year when the stomach flu hit. They had a great time eating them even though I don't think much ended up in their mouths; at least they were outside. I don't know if you can see , but in the first picture, Mya's hand is covered in red sticky syrup. Enjoy the pictures.

1 comment:

E.H. said...

And where is Alena-bena enjoying her 'cold treat'? Is she too little for such things?
Love Ya'll!
Auntie Em