Friday, May 02, 2008

A giggily video

Mya and Alena had me cracking up tonight playing this little game. Mya was stacking up these cups, calling it an ice cream cone and Alena would then knock them over with much laughing in between. I couldn't really get Alena's face in the video but she was up on her knees and she was so excited to knock the cups over she would just rock back and forth with her little hands open so anxious, but she wouldn't knock them over until Mya said to. Also, Mya is calling Alena, "Baby" which I haven't noticed her doing before, and towards the end Alena is saying, "Na, na, na!" That would be, "No, no, no!" Which she hears quite a lot of over the course of a day.

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Carrie Cornett said...

LOVE your giggling girls! Can't wait to see you guys. RuthAnne is already talking about it! Mya-Mya sounds like Elmo when she call's Alena "Baby" :-)There might be some confusion after Will arrives because that's all RA calls him...we will have two "babies". love you guys!!!