Friday, April 25, 2008

Volcanos and lizards oh my!

Here is our much talked about volcano for the letter V which after all the hype, I think the kids were a little bit disappointed with. I had tried to stress that it wasn't going to actually explode and instead bubble, but I still think they had it built up in their minds so much when we actually poured the vinegar in Gabe said , "is that all it's going to do?" They did give Nae a very animated play-by-play, though. This is the "black wizard" or "black widow" depending on who you talk to, that loves to sun itself on our front porch. Gabe discovered that it likes to climb under a certain rock and now is constantly going out to, "see if the lizard has come back, yet." They were quiet excited to finally get a picture of the lizard since we've been trying to do so for two days. I have a feeling this poor guy won't stay at our house very long.
Alena is to the stage where she loves to pull all the books off the shelf and then pick a few of her favorites and blabber away as she looks at them. Here she was doing just that but got distracted by the camera.

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