Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random things...

After all the pictures I posted a couple weeks ago, we've had a kind of lull thus the lack of posts. It's not like things haven't been going on, though. My sister, Carrie had her baby last Sunday and we can't wait to meet baby Will. To see pictures, you can go to Carrie's Blog. Then, this past weekend, we all journeyed down to Athens, GA to see Chrisa perform her final piano concert. It was a very rushed trip, but it was a lot of fun for the kids to finally get to see "Georgia" and Chrisa did a wonderful job. We did take our camera, but did not take a single picture. To see some you can go to Emma's blog.

Back here on the home front, we've just been doing the usual. Alena's been under the weather again with another ear infection, but thankfully the worst is over with that and we're hoping for a nice calm week. This morning, as soon as Gabe and Mya got up they wanted to go out and blow the bubbles they received in their "treat bags" at a birthday party last night. Mya still had her pjs on, but I'm glad they went out then because it's rained the rest of the day.
I must comment that Alena does have toys, but she prefers to play with empty food packaging that's been set by the door to go out to recycling.
We're up to the letter L today. Here are my two ferocious lions

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Anne said...

Gabe and Mya - you did a great job on your lions!!!!! Clara, you are certainly coming up with great letter crafts! Do I see a top tooth in Alena's mouth????
Love to All!