Saturday, March 08, 2008

More snow

Well, what was supposed to be a very busy Saturday, has now become a lazy, relaxed day thanks to a little more snow. While we certainly didn't get the promised 2 - 4 inches it was enough for everyone to get bundled up for some snow playing. I was especially glad that the snow came on a day when Nae was home so he went out with them. I had to stay inside with Alena, you know.

Alena did get to wear her very poofy coat for a quick picture then she came back inside. She can't stand to have a hat on her head. Alena, says she could see a lot better with out all this hair in her eyes.

Mya actually stayed out about 30 minutes which was a lot longer than I thought she would since she wouldn't even go out last time.

After Mya came in, Gabe and Nae built three snowmen - Mya, Alena and Gabe. By the time Gabe came in, his feet were frozen even though the rest of him seemed pretty warm. I guess that's what happens when you wear your rain boots out to play in the snow.

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