Saturday, February 02, 2008

Zoo Time

We enjoyed some pretty weather here today and made the most of it with a trip to the zoo. We go to the zoo a good bit, but I hardly ever take the camera (it just doesn't seem that important with all the other things we must drag along with us) but since Nae was there today I did get a few shots.

Gabe and Mya checking out the Red River Hogs (one of their favorite exhibits.)
This is how Alena spent most of the trip - sound asleep on Nae's back.
Another Red River Hog shot - funny that most of the pictures I took were of their backs. Who wants to look at the camera when there's so many animals to see?
Gabe pointing to a duck, I believe.
My little pigtail girl.
Alena did wake up towards the end of our trip - here she is relaxing in the stroller.


Amy said...

hey clara, what kind of sling is alena in? I'd love to have one of those for Drew.

Nae and Clara said...

Amy, it's a Mei Tai I ordered from this website:
a couple of things about it:
-you can wear it in the front or back which I really like (and I think it's more comfy than the bjorn for front carrying but they can only sit facing in)
-to do the back carry they have to be sitting up really well and fairly tall Alena is just now big enough to do the back carry
-it takes a good bit of practice (and maybe some help) to get it on well especially for the back carry
-it holds up to 30 some lbs so we used it for Mya this summer and she loved it too. Of course Nae had to carry her since she's a little too heavy for me
-in the summer it would get pretty hot especially for the front carry

Overall I like it and am glad we have it, but it isn't cheap so I thought you'd like some feedback. I enjoy seeing the pics on your blog maybe I'll get to see Drew before he gets too big!