Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gabriel...flies a kite

Every time we read Curious George Flies a Kite, Gabriel says, "I wish I could fly a kite." Well, yesterday while in the Dollar Tree what should I spy, but kites. I purchased one for both Gabe and Mya and this morning we just had to try them out. We had terrible storms here last night, and the wind was still quite strong today so you can imagine what it was like trying to fly little one dollar kites in wind strong enough to blow us around the yard. Mya didn't last long before she was ready to go inside, but Gabe had a great time and was determined that his kite was going to fly. He ran around and around the yard and any time it got two feet off the ground he would holler, "Look , Mommy, it's flying!" We definitely got a dollar's worth of enjoyment out of this not to mention all the exercise Gabe got.

Even though Mya didn't enjoy the wind that much she did pull off looking quite stylish while outside - here she is with a Bob the Builder hat on along with her boots and a necklace she made today,
and here she is as "Mya Superman" (she refused to be called superwoman)
Gabriel also dressed up today and here is making his most ferocious pirate face.

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E.H. said...

What cute stylish kiddos!