Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines and Indians

Here's a few pictures of the kids doing their valentines. Gabe did a great job putting his all together (I did all the cutting the night before) and signing his name.
Mya's had yet another nasty cold this week so we put her's together one evening while Nae and Gabe were gone to a church function. She was very serious about signing her name and would spell out M-Y-A as she drew little lines on the paper.

She also had to miss church on Sunday morning but she had a great time with these blocks building a "farm." After she finished it she said, "Mommy take a picture so I can see." Like every other kid, she doesn't know of anything but a camera that you can see yourself on.
Gabe has been learning the letter I this week so today we made Indian head bands. (I know this isn't politically correct but it's the only thing I could think of with I. Native American just wouldn't do.)

I think all the latest pictures I have of Alena are in this position because this is what she always does when I get the camera out - come climb up on my legs to see what I'm doing. She's been sick again too with another ear infection but she has a good smile for the camera here.

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