Friday, November 09, 2007

Fun at the Park

We tried out a new park today, and had so much fun. The weather was just perfect for a fall day and the kids loved running around and trying out all the new stuff. They had several things we'd never seen before like a three person slide, and a small free standing wall to climb. It was worth the trip. Enjoy the pictures.

Alena stayed in the stroller almost the entire time but she seemed happy to be outside and loves watching Gabe and Mya play. They'll both occasionally stop whatever they're doing and come over to say hi to her.
Gabe loved the swings which were pretty high off the ground and thus would go pretty high. He would say, "Mommy, give me the push of the year!"
Sitting inside the hippo's mouth, pretending to be eaten up.
Something that I really liked about this park was that they had a separate structure of smaller things perfect for Mya. It had this cute little house on the bottom which was probably her favorite part.
Mya on the big swings as well. This was her face when I told her to, "Smile!"
This picture is so Mya - that serious little not quite a smile look.
They even had a nice path for walking/bike riding so I was glad we took Gabe's bike over. This was his birthday present and even though it looked so small in the store, it looked big next to him. He can ride fine once he gets started but needs a little help getting on and to stop he usually just runs off into the grass. He needs to grow about half an inch to really be able to touch the ground.

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