Sunday, November 11, 2007

They Match

I don't really get into the whole dressing your kids to match thing, but Mathu made these cute dresses for the girls and they wore them to church today. We had them pose for some pictures this morning before we left. Mya is telling Alena where she is supposed to be looking.
Don't worry, I have no plans to dress Gabriel to match the girls, but he did want a turn holding Alena and having his picture taken. It cracks me up how big Alena looks with them holding her because she is pretty little. It just shows you how small Gabe and Mya still are even though they often seem so big.
And, here's how much Alena likes her cereal. All this, and yes she did manage to eat some too. Thankfully, she has quickly learned how this whole eating out of a spoon thing works, and doesn't make quite such a mess now. So far, she has gobbled up every bit of her cereal, but we'll see how she does once we move onto the more exotic. :)

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