Thursday, October 25, 2007

Couple of Alena pics

We haven't been up to much this week thanks to the several inches of rain that we've received; not that I'm complaining since we really needed the rain. Due to the weather, however and the fact that Nae and I have been seriously cleaning out a bunch of junk from our attic, etc and moving furniture around - we haven't gotten many pictures. Here's a couple that I did get of Alena.

I think this little outfit Alena has on is so cute. It kind of makes her look like a boy but since it's one of the only thing she has that isn't pink, purple , or some other girly color, I'm not too worried. This was actually RuthAnne's outfit so thanks for passing it on . She's getting a little closer to sitting up everyday. Here, though you can see I was holding on to her arm to give her a little assistance.
I've been in a little less of a hurry with each of my children for them to crawl and walk. With Gabriel I couldn't wait for him to get around and we got our reward since he was walking at 10 months. Mya started walking at a year and even then we got several weeks of the cute little toddling before she was all out taking off. So, I've really enjoyed having a baby again and am in no hurry for her to become mobile. Alena, however seems to have different ideas. She is so determined to get around and as you can see here won't be long in full fledged crawling. I think she feels like she is missing out on something with Gabe and Mya running around her all day. They just get big so quickly!

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