Sunday, October 21, 2007

Birthday Party

In order to save my sanity, we decided to do a combined birthday party this year for Gabe and Mya. Their birthdays are only a month apart and they have the same friends so it made it easy. We picked a day in the middle (yesterday) and decided to have a fall/dress-up party. Some of Nae's family was there as well as two other families - in total 10 kids under 6, but we had a great time.

Here are Superhero Gabriel and butterfly Mya all ready for their big party.
That's not a very happy face for someone about to eat a cupcake.
Mya getting ready to blow out her candles. In the spirit of everything, we had spider cupcakes.
Superhero Gabriel and Batman Wills taking the hummer for a ride. The funny thing was that all the boys dressed as some type of superhero even though it had not been previously discussed. They must all be thinking alike I guess.
We painted pumpkins and here Ellen is thinking really hard about what color she wants to use next.
Savannah is always ready to give a good cheesy smile.
Superman David posing for the camera.
I think this picture is so funny. These were the three babies in attendance Anna Claire, Sam, and Alena. There's about eight weeks age difference between the three of them.
All of the kids in costume except Savannah who unfortunately had left by the time we attempted to get a group shot. From left to right is Ellen unicorn, Mya butterfly, Scott red power ranger, Gabriel superhero, David Spiderman and Wills Batman.

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