Monday, October 29, 2007

Beautiful Fall Weather

Around here, we are wishing that this gorgeous fall weather would just last forever. The kids have been playing outside until it's too dark to see, and although we have to bundle up in the morning, it's warm enough in the afternoon to take off our shoes. These first two pictures were before a walk we took one day last week. It probably took a good 15 minutes to get them out the door looking like this. By the time everyone has shoes and jackets on, all needed diapers are changed not to mention details like Alena's toys, hats and the garage door opener that Gabe loves to carry around - I'm tired before we even leave the house :) It's well worth it, though to get everyone out running around for a little while.
We enjoyed some time outside on the swing set today and this picture of Mya is so funny. I was just telling Nae tonight that we need to get another swing for Mya so that Alena can move into the baby swing, and after seeing this picture we defiantly need to. Look at those long legs hanging out. I remember just last year when we had to roll a blanket up to put in front of her so she wouldn't slide around.
Gabe is really trying to learn how to pump himself. I told him that anyone who can ride a two-wheel bike can certainly learn how to swing by himself :)

Alena spent the time outside in her Mega saucer and look at her cute hat. Carrie got this for Alena before she was even born and since my kids seem to have small heads, it just now fits her.

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Emma said...

What cute kiddos ya'll have! Looks like they were having a fun time outside. Looking forward to see ya'll at Thanksgiving!
Auntie Em