Wednesday, September 05, 2007

To Arkansas and back

Over the Labor Day weekend, we went to Na and Todd's (Nae's sister and brother-in-law) in Arkansas. Here they are with their little boy Henry. It's fun for us city folk to go spend some time in the country and enjoy the great outdoors. This time the guys got to put together a huge swing set/fort. On a whim, we decided to leave late Thursday evening instead of Friday morning. We stayed in a motel in Memphis and went to the zoo Friday morning. It helped to divide the trip up some. Here are Gabe and Mya at the zoo.
Noi and Billy met us at the zoo around lunch time and Noi was kind enough to carry Alena in the Baby Bjorn. Yes, I forgot Alena's hat so Nae's was used as a stand-in.
I've always thought that Henry and Gabe favored each other, but after seeing this picture of Mya and Henry I think they look enough alike to be brother and sister. They had a great time together splashing in this pool.
Billy and Mya posing in the bottom half of the fort.
Noi and Henry on the top of the fort. I didn't get a picture of the finished product but this swing set was huge. They worked on it all day Saturday until midnight and still didn't get totally finished.

The siblings - Noi (the youngest), Na (the oldest) and Nae. There's two more boys, Nee and Bing in between Nae and Noi.

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