Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Shots

We attempted the impossible today - to get a good shot of all three kids, dressed for church this morning. We ended up with these two the first one where Gabe and Alena are smiling and looking at the camera (somewhat) and the second one where Mya and Alena are smiling.
Mya in the naughty chair. Just kidding! I'm not exactly sure why Nae had her in this chair posing.
I usually hear Alena (who is now sharing a room with Mya) start to stir around 5:30 or 6 every morning. I'll go and get her and put her in the pack n play in our room (where she still takes naps), put her pacifier in, and take a quick shower while she dozes back off (hopefully). Sometime during this process, Gabriel almost always gets up as well. One morning last week I was in the shower and Gabe comes in and says that Alena is crying; I asked him to please put her pacifier back in and when I get out of the shower this is what I found. When Alena was sleeping in the cradle he could easily reach her to put the pacifier in, but the pack n play is too far down. He couldn't reach her so instead he climbed in and laid beside her. I thought they looked so cute, but we did have a little talk about climbing in on the opposite end from her head just in case a fall should occur :) By the way, Alena still enjoys being swaddled at night which is why she looks kind of like a mummy in these pictures.

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