Monday, August 27, 2007

Friends and Water Fun

We got to spend some time with Nae's college friends , Sean and Liesl on Saturday while they were in Nashville. This was our first time meeting their little boy Ian who's a real cutie. As you can see from the pictures, Alena was NOT in a good mood and was very hungry when we were trying to take their pictures so we didn't get any good ones of her.

Mya's trying to hold onto Alena and Gabriel is happy to pose with Ian. Alena is actually six weeks older than Ian but you wouldn't know it by their size!
Gabriel and Ian
Sunday afternoon we finally made it to the splash park in Smyrna that I'd been wanting to take the kids to. Gabe loved it but as you can guess Mya did not. Nae ended up playing with Gabe the whole time since Mya wouldn't get in at all. Here's Gabe getting doused with a bucket of water that would randomly empty on you head.
And here's Mya after she was forced to get under a little sprinkler, "Mya, not like it!" she kept screaming. I had hopes she would enjoy it since a few weeks ago she had a great time in the sprinkler at Nae's parents. I tried to remind her of that, but it didn't work.

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