Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rain and Cupcakes

We were so happy to see rain on Sunday after several weeks without, that we allowed Gabriel to go enjoy splashing in it. Instead of splashing he ended up getting drenched, but had a great time. We laughed at him with the umbrella because it really did no good. He came in and went straight to the bathtub.
Mya had her boots on ready to go, but refused to leave the porch. I've noted on here before her hatred for falling/spraying/dumping water. She pretty much likes water to stay on her feet only. She was saying, "Mya not like it! Mya not like rain!"
Nae took this picture through the patio door the other night after dinner when we sent them out to play. If I remember correctly, this was the night that Mya had dumped her entire bowl of spaghetti on the CARPET under our table. It was an accident but still a huge mess to clean up. Who knows what they were up to in this picture.
Noi came over today and made brownies and cupcakes with Gabe and Mya. They had a great time as you can imagine and Gabe is still talking about the magic icing that changed colors (with the help of a little food coloring). They each had a cupcake while Noi was here and then she left them each one more. I suggested that we save that one for tomorrow but Gabriel said, "No, Mommy Noi said those were for tonight after we eat our dinner!" Thanks a lot Noi! So here are the pictures of what they looked like after eating said cupcake. Mya kept her hands totally clean by using the face plant method of eating hers.
I had to include a picture of our little Alena who weighed in at 12lbs and 7ozs at her 4 month check-up yesterday and was 24 3/4 in tall. She hasn't been her normal happy self today thanks to all those shots, but here she is a couple days ago so close to rolling over. She still hasn't made it all the way over, but it won't be long.

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