Monday, April 02, 2007

More Sunday pics

I guess since we took pictures last Sunday morning, Gabriel now thinks we must do it every week. Yesterday after both he and Mya were ready he said, "Daddy aren't we going to take pictures?" Nae did take them out and got this very sweet shot of them laughing at each other.

And here is the funny picture from this round of attempts. I have no idea what they were doing but it looks like Nae caught the giraffe in mid-air. The next shot was of them both looking down at the giraffe on the ground.
We usually go over to Pathu and Mathu's for supper and visiting on Sunday evening. Yesterday the weather was so nice that we decided to haul the Hummer over for some outside fun. Our front yard and the street are rather hilly and Gabe isn't heavy enough to get any traction so most of the time they ride on it here, Nae has to follow around and give periodic pushes. It did great at their house, however and as you can see cousin Savannah loved it. I think she would have ridden as long as Gabe drove her around. She even added her own motorcycle sounding sound affects. Here are the girls (they're only two months apart) giving the hummer a little test drive. They weren't actually able to press the gas pedal, however so they just stayed put, turned the steering wheel, and chatted on the pretend phone.

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Carrie said...

I think the force is with your children! or at least that hysterical picture looks like it! love you guys!