Friday, March 30, 2007

Glad it is Friday!!!

We've had a crazy week with Nae working a lot of overtime and Mya coming down with yet another ear infection. We were all very happy that Nae got to come home a little early today. Sorry to say though, that he had to use his afternoon to mow our yard. I think our neighbors were probably going to kick us out soon if we didn't get it done. This was the first grass-cutting of the season and both Gabe and Mya were excited to watch . Here they are doing so out our living room window. It was nap time for Mya so after letting her watch for a while I carried her to bed while she was screaming, "Da! Da! Da!"
Aunt Emma sent them these very cute Easter cards which had lots of stickers to place on the farm scene inside. They both had a great time with this and here they are showing off the finished product. Thanks Emma!

This is Gabriel's , "I'm not going to shut my eyes this time." pose.

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