Monday, April 16, 2007

BIG bubbles and One Messy Eater

Well, after two weeks of cool weather we made the most of the gorgeous weather we enjoyed today. Gabe and Mya got to try out their big bubble wands that they got in their Easter baskets. As you can see below, Mya didn't quite get hers figured out even though she tried very hard to blow. Gabriel, however blew some really big bubbles.

Mya is usually a very neat eater. In fact, I believe these are the only messy eater pictures we have of her. We had potato soup for supper and she ate 3 bowls full. Most of it did make it into her mouth even though there was still a good bit to clean up from everywhere else.

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Bamboo In Alaska said...

Beautiful children! Happy belated Easter, glad to see you are all doing well. -mkrueger