Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A new haircut and curls

We have recently been amazed as we watch Mya's hair get more and more curly. Now we're not talking ringlets here or anything, but it definitely has some body to it. This after her hair has always been so straight. It was especially curly today for two reasons (1) the weather - it was rainy and thus humid and (2) I gave her a bath this morning where as I usually do that at night and after she sleeps on her hair all night it's pretty flat. These aren't the best pictures of Mya but just try to concentrate on the hair part . :)

And here is Gabriel showing off his new haircut that Mommy gave him. I don't know what possessed me to do this since I am never satisfied with the results. I just hate having to pay to get his haircut when I do fine cutting Nae's. At least it's not in his eyes anymore and after all, hair will always grow back.


Carrie said...

I cannot BELIEVE Mya's hair! Who is this child and where is my neice? :-) That's wonderful...can't wait to see it in person :-) Love ya!

Emma said...

Glad you finally updated ya'lls blog! Gabe's hair cut looks good! I can't believe how curly Mya's hair is! That is deffinately not the Asian gene! Love Ya'll!

Anne said...

i can believe it's wavy - after all curly hair is a dominant gene! i think gabe's hair looks good!

Chrisa said...

Well, since all the other women in the family posted, I figured I had better add my own comment! :) I also cannot believe how curly Mya's hair has become! It's quite a dramatic difference!
And Gabe's hair does look good! :)
Love ya'll!