Monday, March 12, 2007

Our last week

We are still enjoying absolutely gorgeous weather here in Nashville. We are going to try to make the most of it this week as I hear it is supposed to get cool again this weekend. We took a trip to the zoo this past Friday - something Gabriel had been begging to do for a while now. On Wednesday, Mya had a little accident in which her fingers were smashed in the sliding door of our van. A quick trip to the pediatrician revealed that they were not broken and in fact by that afternoon looked much better. We did leave the doctor office with an antibiotic, however , as she had an ear infection (yes, again) and a nasty sounding cough. Other than that, our last week has been fairly peaceful. We enjoyed going to the Crooks on Saturday for David's third birthday party. He had a "digger" party and here is Mya modeling her hard hat.
Gabriel must have been so busy playing that we didn't get any great shots of him. This was a milestone, however: his first time eating a hotdog in the bun - looks like we caught him in mid-bite. Another favorite activity this last week has been eating lunch outside on the deck. I think I paid maybe $5 for this picnic table and boy have we gotten our money worth. It's great for painting, playdough, or any other messy craft activity which can be done outdoors and of course it's also nice for eating on and Mom doesn't have all the mess inside to clean up. We just let the birds devour the leftovers. If this continues, we will have some really fat birds!

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Anne said...

It looks like you all are enjoying the beginning of spring! It has not been quite as nice here! Today it is suppose to be in the 70's!
Love to you all!!!