Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm a big boy now!!

I always find it funny to hear the things that Gabriel thinks make him a big boy. Some things are probably a result of my saying, "This is what big boys do." Like going to the potty, putting on his own socks and shoes, and just recently brushing his teeth (under supervision of course) and spraying his hair and combing it so that it lays down. Other things, however I'm not sure where they come from. He used to say, "When I'm big like Daddy I can mix Mya's food." Now that would not be on my top ten list of important things to accomplish. Since Mya is now mixing her own food he has moved on to this, at lunch today I was cutting up a pear for Mya and Gabe says he wants to eat his pear, "like a big boy." Sorry the picture is so dark but if you can tell he is just holding the entire thing and biting it. I actually wish he'd thought of this before because it saved me a lot of time having to slice it. Of course, it did mean much more clean up since there was pear juice everywhere! Our little boy is getting so big and amazes us all the time at the things he can now do. And here is our sweet Mya also enjoying a pear, though hers is cut into pieces.

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