Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sunglasses, Bubbles, and Flips

Here are the kids modeling their new sunglasses we got a couple days ago. Aren't they so funny! I'll put a plug in for The Children's Place where I got both pairs of these for five dollars. At least not much is lost if they get broken which they probably will.

I believe I've posted on here before about this marvelous bubble blower. Few things are improved with batteries, but this is one that is. If your kids are young enough to really just like the bubbles and could care less about blowing them then this will save you a lot of work. I no longer have to stand there and blow all the bubbles.

I just love this picture partly because Gabriel looks so happy but also because I can't believe he can flip all the way over by himself. Last year he couldn't even reach the rings without a little boost and now look at him. We do need to still work on the landing, however, as we've already had some tears after a minor face plant.

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