Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well we don't really get into celebrating Valentine's Day too much, but I think it's a holiday made especially for Gabe since we all know how he loves to make things. He's had so much fun making Valentine's and "decorations" for our house. He told me this morning, "I want my whole room to be decorated ." Anyway, here's a couple of pictures from this morning with their Valentine 's gifts. As you can see, Mya is thinking, "May I please just have my oatmeal!"
They each got a cookie on a stick so here they are trying out a few bites (after they finished breakfast of course.) Since my last post also had pictures of them eating cookies I feel the need to say that they do eat something else at times, but I know all of you who know me aren't suprised that they also enjoy their share of sweets as well :)

I must also add that Nae suprised me with flowers yesterday after he got home which was a special treat. We're ordering food in tonight after the kiddos go to bed. Yes, this is the way life is when you have two children and one on the way. We wouldn't change it for all the fancy dinners in the world, though!

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