Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snow in VA

The kids and I enjoyed a long weekend at my parents last week and also got to experience some snow that actually was enough to play in. I learned , however, that my children must have enough Laotian blood in them to not fully appreciate the cold and snow. While Gabriel loved shoveling and walking around in the snow, he was for some unknown reason terrified of the sled even if he wasn't on it. He screamed the whole time Emma was going down the hill and even tried to pull Mya off of the sled. Who knows where these fears come from. All was not lost, however, as Grandaddy and Aunt Emma were much more patient that I would have been with him and did get him to enjoy being pulled around in the sled if not going down a hill. Mya didn't have appropriate snow footwear and thus really couldn't play. I think she was enjoying herself at first until the above mentioned sledding incident at which point she started crying and just wanted to be held. She only lasted about 10 minutes before coming inside. For those of you who also read Emma's blog these pictures will be repeats as I forgot my camera and these are the pictures from their camera.

We enjoyed getting to spend some time with my sister Carrie and her little girl, RuthAnne, who changes so much everytime we see her. Here is Emma, Grandmama, and RuthAnne posing for the camera.
Grandaddy says that Mya can give the most serious looking expresions and here she is proving that. I wonder what she is thinking about.
We had a great trip - it's always good to see everyone. We did miss Daddy though, who had to stay and work, so it was nice to come home too.

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