Friday, February 09, 2007

An OREO commercial

Below you will see pictures of Gabriel's first time dipping Oreos in milk. As you can see he really enjoyed the experience and did in fact get some in his mouth as well as all over his face and fingers. I don't think he'll get anymore for a while, though because he didn't want to drink the milk after he was done dipping. Isn't that the best part? For the record, Mya also had a cookie, but I just broke off small pieces for her so there was no mess to clean up or take pictures of.
Whenever I am just fed up with these two and it seems they just never get along I should pull out these pictures. After breakfast this morning, I walked into the living room and caught Gabriel "reading" to Mya. Of course their reading list was very short since I often heard Gabe saying, "No Mya, I can't read that one. I don't know the words."

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