Sunday, June 04, 2006

We love our cousin and Duke fest

Here are Mya and Savannah, Nae's brother Nee's little girl. They are only two months apart.

Mya and Savannah again with their new bangles on that Mathu and Pathu got them. They can't hide now - we can hear them where ever they go; good thing since Savannah is already crawling and Mya is almost there :)

Here Gabe is joining in the mix. You can see the results of his first bike wreck - the fat lip.

Nothing is as fun as dancing in a summer rain fall - at least Gabe doesn't think so.

Okay, so we're not really Dukes of Hazards kind of fans but someone gave us tickets to Duke fest this past weekend. Even though we aren't big fans plenty of other people are and there were thousands of them there. Here Nae and Gabe are standing by one of the many "real" General Lees. They wore orange purely by accident. We didn't know everyone there would have it on.

We had to wait in line for over any hour just to get lunch, but at least the kids were in good spirits about it!

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